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Filur is an atmospheric 2D platformer where you need to navigate through the dangers of the forest and collect ingredients in order to cure your sick friend. 

Developed over 8 weeks using our in-house TGA2D engine.

Filur was nominated for 3 categories during the 2019 Swedish Game Awards:

  • Game of the year

  • Best Execution in Art

  • Best Execution in Design


  • Genre:

  • Level editor:

  • Engine:

2D Platformer


TGA2D (in-house)


  • Level design

  • Game design


Tiled level editor

Level Editor & Workflow


We built our levels using Tiled. With a modular tilesheet made by our artists, we could paint an entire level and export it to json-files that was interpreted by the engine. Objects such as enemies and pickups were added to the level on a separate object layer, where pins with different IDs defined what object it was.

Our programmers added workflow functionality for the engine to read any changes to the level in real-time. This meant that we could play the game and make seamless changes without having to reload, which allowed us to make very fast iterations.

Defining Tile Behavior


Different tiles had different behavior. Some would block the player, while some would allow the player to walk through. Some would allow the player to jump through them from below, but not fall through them from above.

This behavior was originally defined through manually adding those tiles' IDs to different sections in a json-file, but since that got tedious after a while I wrote a Notepad++-script that automatically sorted and formatted the IDs when exporting a level.


Json file containing tile data


Level 1:2 Design Document overview

My Design


My main focus for this project was to iterate on flow in the levels. I did a lot of playtesting on a micro-level and made a note of every single block that would, for example, stop a player from jumping the distance they intended.

My goal was to make the experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible, with a naturally progressing difficulty curve.


Simon Eriksson

Daniel Vindhjärta

Ludvig Jare

Oscar Åkesson

Andreas Winther


Jacob Tjernström

Noel Toivio


Simon Martinsson

Marco Skoog

Lotta Zelander Bävholm

Fredrik Ämting


Ville Westermark

Jakob Svensson

Alfons Sahlberg

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