DISARRAY is a fast paced first person shooter where you fight your way across rooftops to destroy an evil mind-controlling antenna.

This was developed over 8 weeks on half-time using our own 3D engine, Ugnen.


  • Genre:

  • Level editor:

  • Engine:


First Person Shooter


Ugnen (in-house)


  • Scripting

  • System Design

  • Combat Design

  • UX Design

We didn't have time to implement text rendering for the score,

so I scripted a text parser using sprites

System Design


Most of my time in this project went into scripting gameplay systems to support the game loop. My main contributions were:

  • Weapon systems & Combat feedback

  • Cutscene events

  • Score system

  • Scripted audio and UX

Combat Design

After setting up core systems, I focused on bringing the combat to life through tight controls, satisfying timing between shots & reload, AI behavior and visual and audial feedback.

The shotgun reloads automatically after a second shot, so I wanted the player to experience a comfortable repeating 

3-beat rhythm between "Shot, shot, reload".

My goal was that every shot the player takes should be satisfying and rewarding, and that no part of the combat should become frustrating or boring.

Combat, leveling and UI interaction


I designed and scripted the crosshairs with combat feedback in mind.


  • A color shift shows when an enemy is in sight and range

  • Red hit indicators show when an enemy has been hit

  • Ammo indicators show when the gun will reload

Scripted Events

In the game there are 4 different events that provide level progression: 


  • Intro

  • Development

  • Point of no return

  • Outro

These events were entirely scripted and gave us an opportunity to give extra depth to the immersion in the level.

Scripted intro


Andy Stråhed

Hjalmar Danielsson

Ludvig Jare

Simon Eriksson

Lukas Hull


Robin Andblom

Valdemar Nyhlén


Jacob Tjernström

Noel Toivio

Simon Isacsson Andersén


Lina Einebrant

Max Larsson


Emma Hugin

Fredrik Ämting

Simon Eimersson



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