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Cyber Rescue: Virus Eruption


Cyber Rescue is a fast-paced 80's inspired synthwave arcade racer featuring intense and rewarding gameplay.

This was our first 3D game and was developed over 8 weeks parallel with developing our in-house 3D engine, Ugnen.


  • Genre:

  • Level editor:

  • Engine:


Arcade Racer


Ugnen (in-house)


  • Level design

  • Game design

  • Engine feature design

  • Editor tools in C#


Whitebox in Unity

Level Editor


We built our levels using Unity. This was a project we made parallel to creating our own 3D engine, so we needed a level editor that was easy to use, customizable, and easy to export level data from.

With Unity our tools programmer could create editor scripts to export data to the engine, and I could create level design tools to improve our workflow.

Design Focus


My main focus for this project was to iterate on the second-to-second loop and make sure the game felt snappy, intense and rewarding.


Level design-wise this meant placing pickups in meaningful locations where the player was constantly faced with risk vs reward.

Game design-wise I put a lot of effort into making the pickups feel rewarding to collect. I designed the audio to make small pickups play incrementing sound effects following a chromatic scale, while the big pickup explode with rewarding sound and particle effects.

This made the players want to collect pickups in a sequence, and allowed us to control the level flow.


Mockup showing pickups


Spline (green line) leading the player

Design Problems


The game is played "on rails", meaning the game follows a fixed route while the player can only navigate vertically and horizontally relative to that route.

This came with some design problems. How do we telegraph to the player that they can't stray off from the path? What happens when an object blocks the player from the camera view?

A lot of my workload went into combating design issues like these and making sure that if we couldn't eliminate the problem completely, we could keep the player so occupied with focusing on the goal and having fun that the problems wouldn't break their immersion.


Andy Stråhed

Hjalmar Danielsson

Ludvig Jare

Simon Eriksson

Lukas Hull


Robin Andblom

Valdemar Nyhlén


Jacob Tjernström

Noel Toivio

Simon Isacsson Andersén


Lina Einebrant

Max Larsson


Emma Hugin

Fredrik Ämting

Simon Eimersson


Mitch Murder

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