TanuKey is a third person puzzle adventure game where you must complete small diorama-style puzzle levels

in order to claim the Oni's treasure.

This was a graduation project developed over 8 weeks at The Game Assembly using our own 3D and script engine, Ugnen.


  • Genre:

  • Level editor:

  • Engine:


Puzzle Adventure


Ugnen (in-house)


  • Level Design

  • Level Scripting

  • Technical Design

  • System Design

  • UX Design

Level Design


When designing the core loop of the game we decided to have a very open minded level design, where 

Level Scripting

The scope of our game loop was quite low, so we only had a handful of important level mechanics.


I scripted these with an arbitrary number of levels in mind, to be scalable and re-usable so we could use them in new creative ways by only tweaking a few variables.

My most notable level scripts:

  • Moving platforms/gates

  • Buttons that interact with other mechanics

  • Destructible bamboo walls

  • Chests that teleport the player between levels

  • Coin and key collectibles that can be picked up

Script controlling all movable platforms in the game

Technical Design

I spent a lot of time working with other disciplines on pipelines and engine features to make sure we as a group had all the tools necessary to achieve what we wanted with the game.

Examples of features I requested and used:

  • A "message" system to allow easy and consistent communication between scripts

  • ImGui scripting capabilities, to be able to script dev tool menus for my design colleagues

System Design

I was in charge of scripting some of the fundemental systems to support the gameplay loops. Most notable:

  • An "overworld" hub level that keeps track of score and acts as a gateway between levels / endgame

  • A save/load system for persistent data between game sessions

  • Locomotion set-up for the player character to blend animations nicely between different player states

  • Cinematic system and a main menu with menu states

  • A player state machine with different input rules for different situations

  • A "fallback" pathfinding system for AI to not get lost while trying to reach a patrol point


UX Design



  • Level info panels


Andy Stråhed

Hjalmar Danielsson

Ludvig Jare

Simon Eriksson

Lukas Hull


Robin Andblom

Valdemar Nyhlén


Jacob Tjernström

Noel Toivio

Simon Isacsson Andersén


Lina Einebrant

Max Larsson


Emma Hugin

Fredrik Ämting

Simon Eimersson



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